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Plain Sight

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Shake well.  Spray liberally onto surface & buff with high quality microfiber towel.  Apply as needed.

Plain Sight is an innovative water-repellant for motorcycle helmet visors designed to enhance your riding experience, no matter the weather conditions. Riding in the rain can be a challenging experience, but with Plain Sight, you can stay focused on the road ahead and enjoy a clear view of your surroundings.

The hydrophobic coating of Plain Sight causes water droplets to bead up and roll off your visor, preventing them from obscuring your vision. This means that you can stay safe on the road, even in heavy rain, by maintaining a clear view of the traffic and road ahead. You won't have to worry about constantly wiping your visor, and can instead concentrate on riding with confidence.

Plain Sight is easy to apply and can be used on a variety of helmet visors, making it a versatile and cost-effective solution for riders of all kinds. Whether you're a professional rider or just enjoy cruising on your motorcycle, Plain Sight can help enhance your riding experience and keep you safe on the road.

Introducing ACC Ceramics Plain Sight, your clear vision solution even in the most challenging weather conditions. Plain Sight is a specialized water-repellent spray designed for helmet visors, plastic windshields, and other transparent surfaces. Here's why Plain Sight is the ultimate choice for enhancing visibility and safety on the road:

Crystal-Clear Visibility: Plain Sight forms an invisible, ultra-thin coating that repels water droplets instantly. Experience clear, unobstructed vision even during heavy rain, ensuring your safety and confidence on the road.

Enhanced Safety in Rainy Conditions: Say goodbye to blurred or distorted vision caused by raindrops. Plain Sight creates a hydrophobic barrier that forces water to bead up and roll off, providing a consistently clear view of the road ahead.

Quick and Easy Application: The spray application of Plain Sight is designed for convenience. A few spritzes and a gentle wipe are all it takes to apply the coating. No specialized tools or techniques needed – just effortless, straightforward application for instant results.

Long-Lasting Protection: Plain Sight doesn’t just offer temporary relief; it provides long-lasting protection. Once applied, it maintains its water-repellent properties, ensuring prolonged visibility enhancement without the need for frequent reapplication.

Versatile Use: Plain Sight is not limited to helmet visors and windshields. It can be used on various transparent surfaces, including eyewear, goggles, camera lenses, and more. Enhance visibility wherever you need it.

UV Protection: Plain Sight offers UV protection for your visor or windshield, shielding it from harmful sun rays that can cause yellowing or deterioration over time. Keep your equipment looking clear and new for longer.

Professional-Grade Clarity: Trusted by professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts, Plain Sight delivers professional-grade clarity to riders and drivers alike. Experience the same level of visibility enhancement relied upon by experts in various fields.

Enhance your visibility, stay safe, and enjoy the journey with ACC Ceramics Plain Sight Water-Repellent Spray. Experience the confidence that comes with clear vision, rain or shine. Elevate your riding or driving experience with Plain Sight today!

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