Proper Washing Techniques

Proper Washing Techniques

Proper Washing is critical to maintenance of your motorcycle. It not only allows you to clean your motorcycle, but also will keep you from damaging the electronics and engine.

Always start with the wheels, if your motorcycle has saddle bags, you'll want to remove them at this time. Make sure to place the saddle bags on a large table covered with a high quality microfiber towel so you do not scratch them by setting them down on concrete. The wheels are covered in brake dust, road grime and iron deposits. Spray a wheel and tire cleaner that is infused with an iron fallout remover onto the front wheel and allow a minute to penetrate. Gently scrub the sidewalls of the tire being cautious not to scratch the wheels. Use a soft bristle wheel brush to agitate the dirt. Use a pressure washer to rinse away the dirt. Roll the bike forward to access the remaining part of the wheel/tire. Repeat this process for the rear wheel/Tire.

Clean the engine next, spray an engine cleaning degreaser on the fins of the engine, being careful not spray into the air cleaner. Allow a moment to penetrate, then use a long reach wheel brush to clean the fins and various sections of the motor. Use a pressure washer rinse, being sure to not spray the air cleaner and electrical components. 

Remove the tour pack(if equipped) and seat, cover the electronics under the seat using plastic. Rinse the motorcycle to remove any loose dirt and debris, being cautious not to spray the electronics. Begin the contact wash process using a new wash mitt and high quality motorcycle shampoo. Wash the bike from top to bottom in straight lines, remember, if you drop the wash mitt on the ground, get a new wash mitt. Take extra care around badging and edges not to catch the wash mitt. Rinse. Re-install the tour pack and saddle bags. repeat the wash steps on these and rinse. Using a drying warm air blower. Blow dry the motorcycle from top down. 

Ride Clean!


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