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Iron Fallout

Iron Fallout

Iron deposits are a very harsh contaminants that harm your paint and bike. They are microscopic metal deposits that come from brakes and the road. Brake pads are made of ceramic metallic composites that are great for stopping motorcycles, but the fallout that it throws off sticks to the paint and creates a dull finish that diminishes the paint. The process for removing the fallout requires a special chemical that creates a chemical reaction that actually turns purple to show you that it is working. The chemical reaction breaks down the hard metal deposits and allows them to release from the surface. 

Removing the iron fallout is an extremely important part of detailing, it allows the surface to be completely decontaminated prior to paint correction, waxing, or ceramic coating. Removing all contaminants from the surface allow for better results with correcting the paint finish, and maximum adhesion of wax and ceramic coatings to the surface. 

There's an old saying that preparation is key. The quality of a paint correction, wax or ceramic coating is only as good as the wash and decontamination that happens prior. Proper cleaning and decontamination is key to a quality result. Here at Adams Cycle Ceramics we pride ourselves in the quality of our work. We take all the necessary steps to prep any surface we work with to provide the best possible result for our customers.

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