What Is Paint Correction?

What Is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction is the art of removing scratches, swirls and marring from a painted surface. 

Before paint correction can take place the surface must first be properly prepared. First, we have to wash the surface to remove loose dirt and debris. We also use a higher basicity soap to strip any wax or sealant from the surface. We will use an iron remover next to remove any any harsh metal deposits in the paints surface. These are caused by iron fallout coming from the road or brakes. The next step will be clay barring the paint to remove any further contaminants from the paint, this will leave the surface buttery smooth. Finally, wipe down the surface with a decontamination solution that removes any residual residue from the iron remover and clay bar lubricant. We perform all these steps to ensure the paint is completely clean and decontaminated prior to placing a buffing pad on the surface. If the surface is not properly decontaminated, the pad can pick up the contaminants and damage the pad, damage the paint, and prevent the highest level of correction achievable. 

In order to properly restore the paint to its highest achievable result, we test each paint see which pad and compound combination will yield the best result for us. On black and heavily scratch paints, a 2-step or 3-step paint correction will be required. When we say x-step paint correction, that refers to the number of polishing steps needed to achieve the desired result. On heavily scratched paints, we will begin with a heavy cut compound to remove the deep swirling. Dependent of the severity of the scratches, this step may need to be repeated. This will leave the surface marred and dull, we will use a medium cut polish to begin restoring the gloss and remove the marring from the paint. At this point, the paint will look good and many detailers with stop here at what is considered an acceptable finish. Yet, under a light the surface will still have some light marring and haziness to it. We go one step further and use a finish polish to make the surface perfect in clarity. This was separates "Top 25" from "Best of Show". 

Now that we have a perfect finish, we seal the surface with a ceramic coating of the customers choosing.

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