Ceramic Speed Coat Ceramic Speed Coat
Ceramic Speed Coat from $24.95 $34.95
The Only Ceramic Speed Coating You Can Apply In 10 Minutes Easily protect your paint with our Ceramic Speed Coat. Create a showroom shine while repelling dirt, water & grime. Easily get the effects of a ceramic coating with a simply Spray n' Wipe. Don't worry about needing any special training with traditional ceramic coatings. Our Ceramic Spray chemically bonds with your paint just like traditional ceramic coatings, with up to 12 months of protection with no headaches. Creates a premium glass-like shine by enhancing your vehicle's clear coat. Embodies a self-cleaning shield that repels dirt, grime, and rain, ensuring a spotless, glossy finish that lasts. Easy application in just minutes, eliminating the need for the meticulous hours required by traditional coatings. Enjoy up to 12 months of unparalleled protection once cured, keeping your vehicle in pristine condition. Use on car paint, windows, glass, chrome, alloy, boats, fiberglass, and plastic. Effortless application surpasses wax, requiring no elbow grease for a stunning result. Easily layer Ceramic Spray for additional shine and protection – reapply anytime to maintain that showroom glow.  What is The Secret in our Ceramic Speed Coat? A perfect Ceramic Spray formula is like baking a perfect cake, the recipe needs the perfect amount of each ingredient for the cake to be perfect. Too much or too little of any ingredient and the cake (or Ceramic Speed Coat) is terrible. Our formula is composed of the perfect blend of SiO2, polymers and quartz suspended in our super slick resin to create and slippery, glossy layer that protects your paint for 12 months! What's the Difference Between Ceramic Speed Coat and Ceramic Coating? Ceramic Speed Coat is a fast way to get the effects of a ceramic coating with a simple Spray n' Wipe. Applying a traditional ceramic coating can take hours of careful application (sometimes by a professional). Ready to Graduate to a Professional Grade Coating? Shop our full line of professional grade Ceramic Coatings!
Ceramic Wash Pro Ceramic Wash Pro
Ceramic Wash Pro $18.95
✅ SiO2 Ceramic Protection✅ Extreme Suds✅ Foam Cannon Safe✅ Slick Hydrophobic Finish✅ Safe On Matte/Denim Paint✅ Free Shipping on Orders Over $39!
Deep Cleanse
Deep Cleanse $14.95
✅ Powerful Wax Remover✅ Extreme Suds✅ Foam Cannon Safe✅ Effective Guts Remover✅ Safe On Matte/Denim Paint✅ PH Neutral